Here Comes the Sun...

Yesterday it was lovely to have the day off with the beau and we were fortunate enough to have the first really hot day of the season! We went to the park and enjoyed some awesome people watching and soaked up some much needed rays!

The parked was packed with people due to the holiday... my favourite part about the park on weekends or holidays is seeing what everyone has in their picnic baskets! What do you pack in your picnics??

I love going to the dog park and seeing all the puppies playing!

Headscarf: Vintage
Top: Gap [old]
Shorts: Urban Outfitters [old]
Sandals: Urban Planet [old]
Necklace: The Bay [old]

Then the beau came up with the best idea ever... getting some BIG CHILL... which is this amazing ice cream shop on College. There is always a huge line up and you can smell the waffle cones being made as you wait, it's torture!

First Big Chill of the season... hmmmmmm... the beau got Carmel Cookie Dough & I got Roll-Over! Hope you all enjoyed your Monday!


  1. LOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEE the head gear!!!! - gonna post about "head gear" tomorrow :o) adorable u are!

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Thanks - compliments are always welcome :)

    If you're looking for a film camera and you're a beginner at analog photography I would say to use "K1000 Pentax" that's what I use and it's really simple and perfect!

    ps. I'm so jealous those ice-creams look amazing

  3. Happened upon your blog, and I have to tell you it's fantastic! Love your style- I happen to be giving away a marc by marc jacobs ring on my site right now that I think you'd like!

    Xo, Kristin

  4. Oh so glad you had a great day! Looks like it was a ton of fun & the ice cream looks delish!

    Hope today's good too :)

  5. My husband and lived in T.O. for 12 years, and I love to see photos always. Love your blog, Love your style. We're in Kingston now but next time we are visiting friends, we'll have to go to the BIG CHILL for a treat!

  6. Caramel cookie dough?!! that sounds amazing! Great post!

  7. I love your top! You look great in that colour. Those ice creams look yummie! What is Roll-Over? *curious

  8. LOVE your funky luminous and double take photogragh fun! I love the sun!

    Charlotte xx

    The Style Rail

  9. Thanks so much for my comment, i think i will go for the leather ones :)
    I love your vintage headscarf :) great find.
    Vanilah xx

  10. Wow, that ice cream sounds like an ice dream! I'm in love with our globe too. It's vintage, like most really pretty things ;). My husband got it from his parents on a birthday a few years ago. It's really sturdy too, it's survived the kids pulling it down a few times! I guess when old things have survived you know it's good quality.

  11. Coucou !
    Ton blog est vraiment super ! !
    Félicitations & bonne continuation ! ! ! ! !


  12. I love ice cream in the summer! Last night we got Chocolate with brownie pieces!!



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