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Hello there Copious Couture readers!

I'm thrilled to be able to guest blog this week while my very good and ever-so-stylish friend Carissa soaks up some rays and Disney action down South. Today actually happens to be her beau's birthday, and they'll be celebrating it with a special trip to Universal Studios.

You see, he is quite the skilled artiste himself, and definitely knows more about superheros, comics, graphic novels and the like, than anyone else I know. So today's post is my little birthday shout out to him - welcome to the world where fashion and comics collide! Enjoy!
Or should I say...SHAZAMM!

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Photographer Craig McDean shot this editorial back in '08 for American Vogue. It was a preview for an awesome exhibit Superheros: Fashion and Fantasy put on by the MET later that year. Man, I wish I could have seen this:

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?!


  1. These images are incredible!! I think I would have the ability to stop and start time around me at will, much more dissertation writing time and I could sneak into runway shows at play them once I had settled myself inside. MMMM...we can only dream though.

    Much Love


  2. This shoot was so cool! I love the catwoman and mermaid shots...



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