Summertime dreaming...

Hey y'all, still Rachel here. While Carissa's still down enjoying that Florida sun, a rainy Saturday up here has got me thinking of those warm summer days soon to come.

Gorgeous Grace Kelly pictures over at The Alternative Wife / Coachella time again / Elle via {this is glamorous} / H&M Fashion for AIDS / flowers in my hair at Erin ever After / a quote from one of my favs

p.s. I had no idea that Kate Bosworth was dating Alexander Skarsgard! Ahh...he's just to die for. Get it...True Blood? no? Any fans out there? Whether you've seen the show or not, Skarsgard and the other men of True Blood are looking damn good in the May issue of Details. Check it out, certainly brighten up my Saturday already ;) Hope you're having a good one!


  1. I LOVE that photo of the girl reading by the windows. Gorgeous.

  2. So glad you like! Carissa will be back very shortly - pleasure posting in the meantime ;)



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