Starting Slow...

Ok I am back, but starting off very slow!!! I have been on many trips and it's always the best feeling coming home and this trip I just didn't want too!!! Not sure why... I guess it really is hard to leave the happiest place on earth!

I want to say a big thank you to Rachel for blogging while I was away!!! She did a great job!! Ok back to fashion... I am in love with this spread... can you say print with more print and then add some colour! It's very busy but I really like it! New goal... mixing up more prints together! What do you guys think? Do you like the mixed print look?

Stay tuned for tomorrow... Disney picks!


  1. The hats are lovely and make me all giddy inside. A Saints fan, no, tell me no....I am the only non Saints fan in a 500 mile radius, and now Canada too! Julius Peppers is all I have to say!

  2. Welcome back! I totally love mixing prints. These are all great. Go for it :)

  3. Love the mixed prints :)

  4. Wow great photos.


  5. I love the use of colour in these spreads, glad I found your blog!

  6. Hi is my frist time in you blog:)
    i like the styling in these pict... the colour the contranst



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