Beautiful Wedding...

I just can't get enough of beautiful weddings!!! Nothing like them!!! This one does not disappoint, this woman's dress is so gorgeous, my favourite so far! Reminds me of the style of this weeks etsy seller, very ethereal, looks like she is a princess from a fairy tale! What I love even more... all the yellow! Yellow shoes, yellow socks, yellow bike and their beautiful yellow cake! So gorgeous!!! Hope you enjoy!

Photography: Jose Villa
Event Design: Joy Thigpen
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  1. funny you talk about weddings, cause i was spending time on wedding portfolios those last days. And i'm impressed by the talent of some american or british photographers. There are sooooooo many bad wedding photographers in france. Seriously, it's way different. Hopefully, there's still some good ones, but mostly they're talentless. I guess that here, when u say "wedding photographer" it sounds pretty bad, it kind of means you weren't good enough to do something else. But in the US or UK, talent can be associated with wedding stuffs. It's nothing to be ashamed of, which is great !
    ok, this comment is way too long !


  2. It's just so fresh and unaffected. I adore her shoes, well the whole look really.

    Sunshine Happy,

  3. This is Chelsea from Oh My Deer's wedding. I love her and she designed my hair flowers for my wedding. They're such an amazingly talented couple!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Her dress is gorgeous! These pictures make me want to plan a wedding again ;)




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