A Wonderful Day...

Today was a very eventful day! I started my research on which fabrics will be in my collection, I didn't even make it through half of the stores on Queen St. and as you can see below there is lots of fabric to search through, but so far so good!

Hopeful this week I will have my final picks up for all to see! My wonderful day continued with going to the movies to see Tom Ford's 'A Single Man", which I have been dying to see!

It was an incredible love story that had a beautiful ending. I can't wait to read the book now! My favourite part of the whole movie was how each frame of the movie could be a photograph, it was so gorgeous! Although I am not surprised, considering Tom Ford always looks beautifully put together. He has an impeccable style and that translates into his film perfectly!

And my wonderful day drew to a beautiful end much like the movie, it was snowing huge snowflakes when we left the theatre! I am hoping the snow sticks around for a photo shoot this week!! Enjoy!

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