My Golden Globe Lovelies....

Although last night wasn't the most exciting Golden Globes I have ever seen, it did have some interesting moments and despite the rain some gorgeous gowns! My 2 favourite moments were anytime Ricky Gervais was on stage (especially when he was drinking his beer!) and when Colin Farrel said 'balls' on the Golden Globe stage! Here were some of my favourite leading ladies...

Despite the rain these ladies put their best foot forward and they all looked exceptional! Christina Aguilera looked like her Versace gown was sculpted to fit her and while presenting she looked amazing! Amy Poehler and Amy Adams looked impossible adorable, while Jennifer Garner and Emily Blunt looked like red carpet classics. Sigourney Weaver and Sandra Bullock looked spectacular in their colour choices and Anna Paquin looked like a rock star! Cruz and Ainston looked flawless in black and Kristen Bell was brave to wear the white but it looked fabulous!
My all time favourite of the night were the lovelies above... Nicole Kidman looked ravishing in her Nina Ricci, this gorgeously draped dress looked formed for her body! The beautiful colour complimented her skin and hair! The lovely Jane Krakowski looked stellar in my favourite colour this year... royal purple! As stated earlier in my blog, J. Mendel's collection is my favourite this year and was an excellent choice for Jane!

I was so looking forward to seeing what Zoe Saldana would wear and I have to say I am on the fence about it. This Louis Vuitton piece looks incredible on the top and the strapless is beautiful on her, but the bottom I just can't decide whether I love it or hate it... what do you think?

These were the misses for me, which I am really disappointed about. It never bothers me with people I am not fans of ... but Diane Kruger normally has excellent style as well as Christina Hendricks. It's too bad, but unfortunately these ladies are on the miss list this year.

These were my favourite couples this year! Jon Hamm always looks dashing and there was no exception here. While Jeff Bridges went all in black and it suits him, and of course Heidi and Seal who I always love!

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