I have been wanting to do this mini photo shoot for awhile... have been waiting for a nice sunny day! Finally today I got a gorgeous day... although a bit chilly! These are my favourite rings in my jewellery box right now along with my new favourite necklaces!

scarab ring: h&m
link necklace: Lavien

gold/pearl ring: h&m
twisted gold/gold beads ring: vintage

thick gold ring: h&m
pearl necklace: vintage

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  1. Sickkk jewels yo! No, for real, nice shoot. You got me staring at them all like a Where's Waldo! Reflections in the sunlight catchin' my eye!

  2. why thank you rachel! oh and a little surprise for you my darling... a ring for you the big thick gold ring... it's all yours!!!! gotcha one too !

  3. They are unique and eye catching pieces. I like your photo shoot and so your jewelery collection. I also love to collect jewelery and have collected few pieces so far that I adore. But I don't have any of your kind, I will soon add one like yours. Thanks.



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