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I got the Globe and Mail today for the style section, and it had a great article about a local cake designer and she said something in the article that hit home with me. So I wanted to share it with you! Lori Hutchinson "The Caketress" is known for her unique style, she has been encouraging brides all over the GTA to not just do a traditional wedding cake but a cake that matches their wedding and expresses who they are as a couple! In a world that is mass produced she has found that niche that individuals are looking for..."I will not do it (referring to multiplying custom cakes) because that's someone else's, it's reflected their style, their day" quote taken from the Globe and Mail.

I love how many of her cakes are inspired by fashion elements...

Photography: ROWELL Photography
Click here to check our her website, there are many more fabulous pictures!
Or check out her blog... Enjoy!

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