Abbey Lee...

I am a little model obsessed right now... but I love seeing these beautiful women throughout the year doing so many different projects! My favourite right now... Abbey Lee!!! Enjoy!


Glamourous Cindy...

After looking up all the covers for March, I desperately wanted to see Cindy's editorial for Harper's Bazaar and she didn't disappoint! Dressed in all black and those shoes... AMAZING!!!
She still looks great!!!!

Cindy for Harper's Bazaar Fashion Issue
Photographer: Cedric Buchet


Country Wedding...

Time for another wedding... and this one is right up my alley... country!!! The bridesmaids are all wearing cowboy boots, which I love!!!!! They have a restored dump truck to transport them to the wedding and the thing I love the most... multiply desserts!!!! I would sample each!!! Needless to say the bride looks incredible as well, in a gorgeous strapless dress!!! I love it all. Enjoy!!!

There were tonnes of pictures to choose from so check out the rest here!
Photographer, Our Labor of Love
Event Planning, Epting Events

Anything Beautiful...

So while I am scouring the interweb, I always pull pictures that I think are inspirational or just beautiful, I store them away in a little folder and usually don't touch them, but the other day I was looking through them and thought why not share??? Some are old and some are new... but they are all pictures I really love! Enjoy!!!

Some are from other blogs, unfortunately I don't remember which ones... so if any of you stumble across this and want recognition, please email and I will have no problem doing that!


Etsy Shop of the Week...

So this week I have a great shop, that I have just discovered and I am very excited about her pieces. Above all fashion, knits are probably my favourite, nothing like getting into a cozy, warm sweater and looking fabulous while wearing it!!! Her shop name is ovejanegra's and she lives in Argentina, knitting these fabulous pieces!!!

They are so beautiful and luxurious!!! I love them!!! Check out more of her pieces here and she is also a member of the Etsy team of bloggers, that you can check out here! I'm off to Ottawa for a couple days to send off my friend to Norway!! I'll be back to blogging on Wednesday have a great few days!!! Enjoy!!!


Cover Story...

I would like to say welcome to all the new followers and also thank you so much for all the comments!! Here are some of the covers I am in love with for March!!

I'm not sure how I feel about Megan Fox's acting skills, but needless to say she is smoking hot and I always love what she wears and she always looks gorgeous!

I love these clogs!!! I am obsessed with them right now!!!

I am also obsessed with Abbey Lee, she is so unique looking!!!

And Cindy... well needless to say she still looks fabulous!!!!


Brad & Angelina...

I came across this while I was perusing the web the other day and fell in love with the shots. It's from W in July 2005. I wonder if Brad knew he would have this many children with Angelina??

The photographer is Steven Klein, but while I was reading up on the shoot, it seems that Brad had huge influence on the shots and how he thought they should look! They turned out great! They are so MadMen!


White Wedding...

It's time for another unique wedding... and this one is very unique! They went for the campsite theme!! And I can only hope that they stayed in the camper they have in the pictures! They have huge banquet style tables where everyone would sit down as a family and mismatched plates and cutlery and they used jars for vases! I just love weddings with this country feel! Not to mention that the brides' dress is incredible... so beautiful... Enjoy!

Check out more photos of this wedding!


New Favourite Colour...

I love this look for spring! Lavender looks so fresh and awake! I love it even more with the red lips!!! Enjoy!!


Miu Miu Campaign...

I am in love with this campaign!!! I love the prints and patterns, the gorgeous legs and of course the shoes!!! The heels are so big and chunky, I am loving it !!!! Hope you all enjoy!!!


Etsy Shop of the Week...

Ok so this week I chose a shop that I have been in love with since I joined Etsy... FernStreetDesign's. Her pieces are so organic and interesting, I can look at them forever and see new things all the time, they are extremely intricate! She collects unique treasures from attics, drawers and flea markets that are someone else's junk and turns them to beautiful pieces of art! She gives them a new life!

These are only a few of my favourites I defiantly recommend checking her store out and taking a browse, there is something for everyone!

I even purchased this little beauty that has been on my wish list forever!! It reminds me so much of Alice and Wonderland, I can't wait to get it!!! Happy Shopping!!!



Hope you are all ready for the big day... if not here are some gift ideas if your running a little late! Enjoy!



He was an incredible artist, a genius and extremely respected... he will be greatly missed...

" If you ask any lady if they want to be taller, they want to be slimmer, you know, and they want a waist. I'm not here to make people look like potato sacks..." Alexander McQueen

Another Wedding...

This wedding is so perfectly vintage I LOVE IT!!! Everything from the brides great tights, to the jelly treats on the tables, the jars they use as vases and the polaroids of the couple hanging on a clothesline to the adorable bridesmaids dresses!! I love it all... Enjoy!!

Check out more of these great wedding photos here
Photographer Ben Blood


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