Vacation [Boston]...

Our Boston/NYC trip was almost a month ago now and so much has happened since we got back... I haven't even had time to print pictures or scrapbook [and I love scrap booking!!!] I thought I would share a few photos with everyone from our Boston trip!

We visited all the classics... Fenway Park... even got to see a game!

Trinity Church in Copley Sqaure...

MIT... where Frank Gehry [a Torontonian] designed this building on campus...

We went whale watching and did the Sam Adams Brewery tour...

We went down to the coast line...

We took funny photos... [my beau, me, my sisters beau & my sister]

We went to the top of the Prudential building to get the most gorgeous view of the city, just as the sun was setting...

Best pic of the trip!
Have a fabulous day everyone, the beau and I are off to a wonderful breakfast together and then I have meetings with fabric wholesalers [this is very exciting stuff for an aspiring fashion designer!] Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. gorgeous photos and blog x


  2. Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a great time :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE whale watching. We went in Boston (or Maine? can't remember) when I was a little girl. I remember I was wearing a green anorak and I had my hair french braided. It's one of the view epic experiences I've had.

  3. I love Boston! One of my favorite cities by far. The summer's are great and I especially love to go during hockey season to catch a few games. It's never too cold for that :)

    And that photo of the sunset is GORGEOUS!!! You picked the perfect spot :)



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