Etsy Shop of the Week...

Everyone knows I have a love affair with feathers.... so obviously I fell in love with this shop instantly! Also it's name is amazing... cheeepcheeep... how great of a shop name is that!!!!
Not a lot of time today... I have another style to get cut out and ready for sewing today!!! I am in a much better mood today because I found fabric on Friday!!!! Reasonably priced fabric which is awesome!!! Enjoy!!!

Check out more of these lovely pieces here...


  1. WOW WOW WOW those earrings are to die for, droooooolllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo, J

  2. Yay for feathers!!! Heading on over now :) Hope you're having a fabulous Monday! xoxo

  3. OMG! Dopeeee!! I have love affair with feathers too...a BIG ONE. You can see it all over my blog. Lovin' it! :)

    xo, C.



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