Meet Bella...

In comparison to yesterday, this skirt is pretty simply I think it took all of an hour to sew, but it has a secret weapon??? Wanna know what it is? Ok Ok, so it's made out of trench coat material... so it is completely water proof and spill proof! Not to mention that the colour is awesome!

On a side note, I wanna reach out to my fellow bloggers... I have a problem! So lots of lovely blogs have pictures on it that are uploaded very large... how do you do this???? I have the settings all set to large but when I upload my pictures, they load teeny tiny! Why?? What am I doing wrong??? Any help you could give me would be so appreciated!

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  1. Love it!

    As far as the pictures, when I upload mine I can click on it and a little toolbar comes up below it. It lets me choose whether I want my images small, medium, large, or extra large. Hope that helps!

  2. How magnificent!!! same material as coat!!! pure genius!!! as for the large pictures, have you set your pics at extra large? I found so many blogging tips over at the internet, try google dear, there are plenty of sites that offer free tips on this :)), wishing you the most fabulous week!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE, Jemina, XOXO

  3. beautiful photos! amazing concept for the skirt :)

    for uploading, click on the picture after you upload it in and it should let you select the size :) (small, medium, large, extra large) let me know if you need more help aesthetiix@gmail.com

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  4. such a cute outfit!
    and i love the idea of a spill proof skirt
    i really need one of those lol im so clumsy :)


  5. I love the skirt! I just use photobucket and the pictures just come out pretty big :)


  6. Adorable! I'd totally wear it. And I love how u styled this :)



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