Etsy Shop of the Week...

Do any of you get the emails from Etsy? I absolutely love them, they really work hard to find new and exciting Etsy shops for people to discover and that is how I found this one! Rapunzelsgold has beautifully crafted pieces that are so dainty and ladylike, I can't get enough of them! My favourite is the bow ring, I love that the silver is twisted to rough it up a bit!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, welcome to the new followers and a big thank you to everyone who stopped by to leave a comment last week... I met some amazing people and discovered some very unique blogs! Sorry if I haven't gotten back to you but stayed tuned for tomorrow and you will understand why! Enjoy!!!

Check out more amazing pieces here...


    I am always awaiting your etsy shop of the week post every monday, and you always deliver, I love every single post, all of your picks are awesome.
    girlfriend, you've got an eye for style, love love love, xoxo

  2. Great shop! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. wow, these rings are fantastic!


  4. Great picks. Love the bow ring!

  5. I bought a bunch of the rings that look like knots for my best friends in Guelph! Good taste :)

  6. Those are some amazing pieces. Lovely lovely shop

  7. Wow I need to own a few of these! Hope you had a great week & weekend! Finally getting back into the swing of things after vacay. Can't wait to see your other posts :) xoxo



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