Wedding & Wheels...

I fell in love with this wedding because of the gorgeous headband the bride is wearing... what a gorgeous alternative to the typical tiara, the headband being way more ethereal and defiantly more my style! There are other cute touches like having pictures taken in a cornfield and their adorable cake toppers that look like "little precious' figurines... do you guys remember those? I collected them as a kid!

Also my friend Rachel is town and we have plenty of catching up [and shopping] to do, so I won't be commenting on too many blogs, but I promise I will catch up soon!

Check out more pictures here...
Photography by Jagger Photography...


  1. love the wedding pics and how fun to have a friend who comes for a visit, enjoy your girls' fun time, love, jemina, xoxo

  2. I wish more weddings were as original and fun as that one, too cute!

    x M.

  3. Oh that is beautiful! I adore her headband.



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