Queen Elisabeth...

Yesterday morning I was talking to my grandma and she mention that the Ottawa Citizen had done a feature on the Queen's visit to Canada and all the hats she had been wearing. It got me thinking about politics and how Canada doesn't really have a leading lady... the US has Michelle, England has the Queen, France has Cecilia & Thailand has Queen Sirikit. To be honest I couldn't even tell you what Steven Harper's [our PM] wife looks like or if she has good style? Anyways... I am just thinking out loud here... now to the post...

I decided to feature a few of the lovely hats Miss Elisabeth has worn over the years. On a more fashion related note... I used to work for a millinery and it was a lovely job creating those hats, they are just the epitome of femininity. It was lovely meeting the ladies and helping them choose a hat to go with their outfit and their event! Enjoy!

Pictures were found here...


  1. wow these are so beautiful. adds that extra touch of elegance and class to any outfit... must be a hassle to wear em though. they look huge! haha

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  2. She definitely has amassed lots of beautiful head gears, and how fun must millinery making be, now, i need a hat and stat, love love, Jemina, XOXO

  3. Lady does love some hats, and she looks divine in them! There's nothing more regal than a mature lady in a hat, I says!


  4. i think she has really great style. she sticks with what she knows, which isn't such a bad thing

  5. Ooooooooooooooooh!!!!! A hat post! On queen Elisabeth! I LOVE HATS! These are beautiful. You worked for a millinery?!! I am so fascinated by that.

  6. She's so cute with all her hats that perfectly match her outfits :)


  7. she is a ridiculously cute old lady :)

    I saw that you commented on the most recent post at Alice Point and thought you might be interested in my post where I did a DIY body chain: http://www.fvncy.com/2010/06/tied-up.html


  8. Love these pictures!! The queen's outfits always elegant but her hats steal the show every time :-) xoxoxoxoxo

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  10. Carissa darling, thank you for your wonderful comment, anyway regarding picnik, its website is: http://www.picnik.com, it's basically a free photo editing place for amateurs like me ha ha ha, happy friday, love love love, jemina, xoxo

  11. lol... good point! we really don't have that kind of figure here in Canada! I wonder if that's good or bad though?



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