Etsy Shop of the Week...

This weeks Etsy shop is DarkPonyDesigns and the best thing about the clothing she makes is it's all made with vintage fabric! This defiantly draws me in because of the unique colours and patterns, it's like nothing you see in stores or anywhere else! So if you are looking for something unique I defiantly recommend you check this store out!

Also a big welcome to the new followers and thank you to everyone who commented last week [especially on my 'extremely inspired' post] everyone loved it so much I am going to try and make it a regular thing... take an outfit and recreate it myself! All the comments were so lovely... THANK YOU!

DarkPonyDesign also does some headbands and jewelry that I recommend you check out!

Check out more of her pieces here...
And her blog here...
She also has a store that is all vintage pieces and they are amazing... check it out here...


  1. i'm loven' this! - i'm gonna go and check her out on etsey and put her as one of my faves - THANKS for sharing!!!! - i can get so overwhelmed looking on there - i love when bloggers (like u my love) share the awesome ones!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Nice!! Like your blog! :)

  3. Love your blog

    White top & floral dress are my faves

    http://mkaeupbykim-porter.com/blog (follow my blog please)

  4. Wow!! Thank you so much for featuring me and my shop. I am thrilled!
    Much Love,

  5. Oh wow I'm loving her stuff! Going to check more out now.

    Enjoy your time off. Hope you get a lot of rest :)



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