4 Days, 1 Post...

My weekend with Rachel was fabulous, it was nice to take some time off work and enjoy some shopping, food and friendship. Also it was nice to enjoy the city... there are so many great restaurants and we hit up some of my favourites and discovered a new one! So here is a little food porn to tide you over till my dress porn pics are ready to be seen!

Sushi at Kuni Sushi Ya on Baldwin..

Our new favourite restaurant... Arepa Cafe, which has many egg free and gluten free options which suits Rachel and I...

We celebrated Rachel's 23rd with some baseball...

Then we hopped over to Margarita's, which has the best fajitas and watermelon daquiris...

Unfortunately we all had to get back to the real world and before Rachel departed we went to Fresh for her birthday brunch!


  1. That food is making me hungry...yum!SarahD:)

  2. the food, the food looks soooooooo yummy, xoxo

  3. omg that all looks & sound amazing!!! yummm to all of it! glad u had a great time :)

  4. Hey sweetie, Looks like you and Rach had a great time. I agree the food looks yummy, especially the fajitas!!! Love Mom

  5. love that little graffiti on the wall... so cute!

  6. <3 Love. Most fabulous Torontonian host ever. Thanks, friend. ;) I just thought it should be noted, unlike some of the other pics, the thumbs up with fajitas is not, I repeat, not, my hairy arm. haha That is another special person in Miss C's life. MISS U ALREADY!

  7. Feeling hungry now, the photos are that good.

  8. What a great day that you had

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  9. Sounds so fun. Margaritas is yummy!



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