Take Me out to the Ball Game...

Yesterday the beau and I went to our first baseball game of the season, which is weird cause by now we normally would have been to 3 all ready, the spring time is just flying by though! We had a blast and they played a great game...

Of course we had to take pictures of the outfit... I got these white jeans in Florida and I love them! I have never owned a pair before and they are really fun to wear! Also the fanny pack is key at baseball games... they search ladies with big purses and it can be annoying!

The beau humoured me, and let me take pictures of him...

It was so gorgeous out... I even got a little burnt,
the dome was open and it was lovely!

We had the typical baseball fare... hotdogs and peanuts! And no [Kristen and Mom] I didn't get mustard on my white pants... but it was a struggle, it really wanted on there!

They ended up winning and there was 4 homers! It was a great game, the best they have played in awhile!

A couple coolers, beer and $50 dollars later...
We had a blast & it ended up being the hottest day of season so far so it was great!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. ur adorable! - and i LOVEEEE that stylaish fanny pack - i have a few - but i'm always scared to wear them for the looks i might get - u inspired me to wear one tomorrow!

    Your new follower

  2. You look amazing! I never saw someone rock a fanny pack the way u do :)



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