Pink Hat...

So I couldn't say yesterday [because my mother is an avid follower of my blog] but I had a lovely surprise for her for Mother's Day.... ME!!!! Yesterday the beau and I took the train home. This morning we are heading to an estate auction of friends of the family! I can't wait to take lots of pictures of all her lovely pieces, like china & tea cups.
So for today short and sweet, I fell in love with this picture as soon as I saw it on Stockholm Street Style, this lovely lady looks fabulous!!!!! That hat is to die for and her lipstick matches perfectly... but the best part the woman in the background [all in camel colour] looks super jealous!!!! Enjoy!


  1. Love this picture, goodness, you have an eye for picking the good ones. What a sweet sweet surprise for you mother, have a wonderful weekend..

  2. she looks FAB! what a pop of neon!

    p.s. thanks for allowing me to use them. of course i'll credit your blog when i use them ^^
    wanna exchange links?^^ i'll now add your blog to my blogroll ^^

  3. i love that hat...the photo is so beautiful too...i love how the color of the hat is the first thing you see.
    xoxo alison

  4. Fab hat! I love it! Have fun with your Mom :)

  5. Great shoot, loving the jalous look of that lady!


  6. ha I love the woman in the background! great picture

  7. The woman in the back just goes to show, a second glance from a woman always means you look good :)



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