Like a Drug...

The idea had been in her mind, but she had yet to find the perfect one... she knew it was out there, she knew she would find it when she least expected it. Then one spring evening, while walking hand in hand with her man... it was just there... like she had dreamt it into reality. They were on their way to dinner... she knew she wanted to stop, but they were late. She thought to herself... just wait... you don't need a new piece right now.

Her blood starts to race, like an addict waiting for her next fix she knows she has found it... The next day she rushes to the store the first free second she gets... she doesn't even try to look for it, she finds the first saleswoman and points to it... she leads her over to the back of the store, she doesn't even see the other dresses, shorts, tops so many beautiful pieces... there is only one thing that can make her feel the way she wants.... and there as the saleswoman parts all the beautiful pieces to find her size.... THE ROMPER!!!

I am truly in love with this beautiful piece of clothing and I can't wait to show you all how amazing it is...

Outfit post to come.... but until then, this addict is satisfied for another day!


  1. the romper is such a good piece of clothing, looking forward to seeing more of it!

  2. My favourite romper of righ-this-second:



  3. Cool
    :) I'm curious of the rest :)

  4. cool post!

    thanx for ur comm:))





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