Etsy Shop of the Week...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... mine was fabulous!!! A little sad to be back in the city, but also ready to get back to work. Unfortunately yesterday I had computer problems but I am back to business now and excited to get caught up on all your blogs!!!

My Etsy shop of the week is nikacollection and I love her beautiful t-shirts! I do enjoy dressing up and styling more then anything... but my favourite thing to do on a Sunday is put on my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans and my comfiest T, so these really draw me in... my favourites are the last two 'i love you' ones! Which are your favourites???

She has many more T's at her shop, I have only chosen a few of my favourites, defiantly check them out here! Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of all my lovely purchases this weekend!


  1. oh I love these t-shirts. the prints are so cute! xo

  2. Love these T-shirts! I love your blog! Keep up the great postings...xo

  3. i'm not usually a t-shirt kinda gal but i am feeling these :)

    everyone please check out and follow my fashion blog-- i promise you'll like it!!!


  4. They are adorable! I will have to check it out. T-shirts are staples in my college wardrobe.

  5. I adore the 4th right one.
    I love simple monotone print.

  6. Such cool T shirts, my fav is the top left. Gorgeous.

  7. wow these are amazing! love them! love the 5th one the best :)



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