Last of Disney...

Almost Disney time my friends and I couldn't be more excited!!! So here is my final Disney post, these are ads for Stella McCartney's 09' Autumn/Winter campaign! She resurrected Bambi, Flower & Thumper to star along side her beautiful clothing!

Also Slumber Designs has an awesome post that is all Mickey Mouse t-shirts... which I love because I myself own 2 and can't wait to add to it! Check it out here... it's too cute!

Also I wanted to say a big thank you to The Alternative Wife for giving me the Sunshine Award, stay tuned tomorrow... where I will announce my Sunshine Award winners!!!
Happy Saturday Lovelies!!!


  1. Thanks for inspiring us all so much! I love Disney! I've never seen these Stella pictures. Cute!

  2. You have probably already seen this, but it made me think of your series of Disney posts.



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