Etsy Shop of the Week...

Ok so forgive me for all the photos but I couldn't choose... they are all my favourites!!!! This weeks Etsy shop of the week is Lievre and I am in love with so many pieces, it took me all weekend to decide which ones to buy!!! Her pieces are all handcrafted, she uses vintage jewellery she finds and reworks them into these beauties below!
I am awaiting the top picture to the right and the last picture!!! I can't wait!!!

Also a big welcome to the new followers thank you so much for your support!

Shop more here... defiantly check them out they are very reasonable priced!
You will love them!


  1. the key is really cool!
    loving the bird pieces for spring too. very miu miu.

    xx jb


  2. wow they're so interesting & cool. i'm gonna go check out some more of her stuff. thx!

  3. Oh they are all so interesting, I love the little profile, so cute.

  4. Oooo my fav is the bee! I checked out this Etsy and am pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices! Very doable!

    xx FujiFiles



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