Padma Lakshmi...

First of all... a big welcome to my new followers, I appreciate it! Today I wanted to showcase a woman I really love, Padma Lakshmi, she is the host of one of my favourite shows, Top Chef. But maybe you didn't know she is also a chef herself, a model, she has started her own jewellery line and she takes gorgeous photos! You can check out her jewellery here and below are some lovely photos to gaze at! Enjoy!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. oh she is gorgeous. and really complete, isn't she? xo

  2. I had no idea about her non-chef life! I love learning new things from a friend ;)

  3. i adore Padma! I've been trying to put together something for her outside the cooking world.... I'm in the beauty business & we've been kicking things around for a while. She's so beautiful, likeable and aspirational. & I love her jewelry! It's amazing!!!



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