Macy's Fashion Director...

Has anyone else seen the fashion director feature on the Macy's website? I got hooked on it a couple weeks ago when Atlantis Home had a blog post about it, so I linked over and I was instantly hooked! It makes me want all MY clothing organized and catalogued on a computer and then I can play around with outfits while away from my closet, what do you think? I think it is an idea every woman would like! You could plan outfits weeks in advance and outfits you like you can catalogue!! Enjoy!!!

If you haven't used this little tool, defiantly link over you will love it!


  1. You have assembled some really gorgeous outfits here! Love all the shoes! I saw that floral skirt pictured on someone else's blog too, and I immediately went to Macy's online store to buy it. Unfortunately, they don't to my size.

    Can't wait to visit Macy's for real in a couple of weeks!

  2. oh I'll have to try it! love your outfits, especially the last one! thanks for your comment! xo

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  4. Oh wow, what a fabulous idea...I'm loving the outfits you have posted!

  5. great idea you are fabulous

    cool coloctions

  6. It's so much fun! And I totally love all of your looks! :)

  7. If you happen to have an iPhone, there's an app called "Closet: Clothing Organized," where you take photos of all the items in your closet and make outfits, mark when you wore certain things on your calendar, etc. It's not quite the same, but pretty fun.

    Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! I've subscribed in my reader! --Katy

  8. I want to rock look #2 right NOW!



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