Last Night...

Sorry for the long post, but there were too many great pictures I just had to share!! So last night we were at Big D's where it was Mardi Gras, so we got to see everyone dressed up!

Getting ready to go out... can't decide what to where...

Carlos Barbosa... I made this suit for him last year!

Then we headed to Joe's to see Jeremy!! Behind the bar was this sort of nativity scene thing... very Jeremy...

They have all kinds of beer from all over, my favourite is this wild berry cider!


The night ended with us seeing this awesome woman!! I couldn't get my camera out in time to snap a photo, but the beau ran down the street and caught her at the next intersection!!! Enjoy!!

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  1. jeremy LeBlanc2/9/10, 2:47 PM

    i forgot you took that picture of me throwing that chair at you!! haha



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