Etsy Shop of the Week...

Hope everyone is having a good Monday morning!! I am feeling a little under the weather today but am hitting the slopes in about an hour!! But first... my etsy shop of the week is, Sandra Suy. I found her through another blog (the name of which escapes me now...) but then found her on etsy.com and fell in love with her beautiful pieces!! In her bio, Sandra says that she has always had a love for fashion and drawing and wanted to do both... so she combined them to become a beautiful fashion illustrator! Here are a few of my favourites, great work Sandra! Enjoy!!

You can find Sandra Suy on etsy or at her website... check out both, these aren't even half of her sketches and they are all gorgeous!


  1. Great pick! Hope you're feeling better soon. When are we going to get some shots of these slopes you speak of? ;) I'm thinking Peak Season style, no?

  2. I adore her work! I love fashion illustration and used to do it many years ago...one day I'd love to try my hand at it again...



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