Spring Collection...

Spring Collection is done! In stores and up on website tomorrow!
Come on over and check them out!

A big thank you to the lovely Shaylah (model), it was freezing cold when we shot this and she was a trooper about it. Also a big thank you to the lovely photography Kaja, you can see more of her incredible work here.


Thinking of Fall...

The hardest thing I find about being a designer is when everyone is enjoying spring I am already sketching and creating fall... so yeah I am in fall mode! Dreamily sketching outfits with lots of layers, dreaming of earthy tones and for some reason high waisted pants! Yep will defiantly have some high waisted pants in this collection!

Etsy Love...

I am in love with this Etsian right now! Love Obsessed is perfectly vintage, colourful and ladylike all at the same time! I covet them!


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