Bridal Show & Beth...

Last Friday I attended The Civilized Bride Show as the Lead Designer for eFashionista with the lovely Tania Semper! It was a great time, I got to meet a lot of local businesses in the area and got to see my lovely designs on these two lovely ladies!

Tania looked fabulous in the lovely Eleanor and I got to meet this amazing model Shaylah! It's always a bit stressful for a designer to put her dress on a model she has never met before, but Shaylah is an absolute beauty and would look stunning in a brown paper bag! Lucky for her I design with tweed and leather and she looked fabulous in the new fall piece Beth!

Custom Dress...

When I was in Kingston this summer doing a sidewalk sale, I met a lovely woman, Winona, who bought a dress from me and was nice enough to share these gorgeous pictures!

Winona Linn, Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2011


Sugarland Photo Shoot w eFashionista...

This is my first official photo shoot w eFashionista! I am so happy how it turned out and can't wait to share the rest with you very soon! In the meantime check out eFashionista for your daily fashion fix!


Fall/Holiday Headbands...

New fall headbands are done! Just in time for the holiday season... they will be up on the website very soon!

Want one? Email copiouscouture@gmail.com


Eleanor/New Fall Pieces...

This is my lovely Eleanor in a great white tweed with lace overlay. Perfect for all those holiday parties coming up! She is so much fun to wear and with a great cut out in the back it keeps it sexy!

Want one? Email copiouscouture@gmail.com


Alex/New Fall Pieces...

So even though mother nature is making it feel like August outside... don't get sucked in, soon there will be snow on the ground and you will need great tweed skirts to dress up in! Alas Copious has your fix! Alex is a beautiful tweed with a great texture finish, along with a great leather waistband, you can't beat it!

Want one? Email copiouscouture@gmail.com


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