Since we were young, people have told my sister and I how much we look like, even going as far as to ask if we were twins... I started thinking about this recently and started thinking that as much as my sister is my best friend and knows me too well sometimes.... we look nothing alike??? Our features are almost opposite... besides the curly hair. Thinking about this I became inspired to do a photo shoot to reflect how different and unique each of our features are! Enjoy!!!

Love you Bully, see you soon!


Etsy Shop of the Week...

I stumbled upon this blog in one of my etsy shop searches and I was in love... instantly! These rings are so unique and one of kind I want one for every finger! FIGistanbul is an extremely unique company, they collect vintage pieces from all over the middle east and then they break them down and rework them into these pieces of art! I was completely taken with the rings, but they also have earrings, necklaces and bracelets! Enjoy!!!

Check out more of these wonderful pieces here...


Dreaming of Home...

These are some pictures the beau took of me while we were back home in July. This is probably my favourite spot to go in the small town we live in, the rapids are so fun to splash around in and when it gets higher in August the fish are out more and our dog, Bosco, just goes crazy for them!

I hope everything is well with everyone, thanks so much for all your lovely comments this week. I am sorry I haven't been around to anyones blog... I am literally only doing 3 things right now, quick post in the morning, sewing and then off to my other job. Then I go to sleep and start over! It's all for the greater good though! Have a great weekend everyone and I promise to catch up soon! Enjoy!!!


Monkeying Around Wedding...

I was instantly in love with this wedding when I saw what there gift to their guests was.... JAM! Yummy! What a great idea! Then I saw the cake.... I am going to leave that a surprise for you! Sorry today is a quick post.... off to finish up a dress and then back to sewing pants!!!

Check out more pictures here...
Photography by Evs Media...

Labeling Yourself...

With this project that I am working on [sewing 11 pairs of pants for a shop out west] it put a lot of other projects on me as well.... the biggest one... labeling myself! It forced me to choose my logo, my name and stick with it. People that know me well know I am extremely indecisive, especially when there are so many options!

I knew I wanted a sketch as my logo, so the beau and I worked together to create something. I absolutely surrounded myself with inspirational art work and last night as I was working on my illustration, I came across this incredible blog with a gorgeous artist that I wanted to share with you!

I found these pieces on Verbal Croquis and the blog is so incredible! Defiantly check it out!
This is my label for the inside of all my garments! Finally done and back to sewing now!


Friendly Floral Package...

Before I left on my trip, the lovely Jemina & Lynzy organized a little blogger exchange. I was paired up with the lovely Bella from Citizen Rosebud. It was very exciting to come home from vacation and receive such a lovely gift! Our theme this month was floral and the lovely Bella gave me this gorgeous vintage purse that is covered in flowers and I can't wait to prance around with it!

I also received a lovely necklace, some lovely rose tea and a roseberry organic chocolate bar [which I saved for a treat later today at work!] This was great fun, because you got to learn more about a fellow blogger.... like did you know Bella not only blogs but is a full time organic chef??? How interesting! Enjoy!!!


Etsy Shop of the Week...

Lately I am feeling very inspired by organic pieces, I'm not sure why... maybe because we are coming upon fall and organic always feels warmer... more homey for some reason?? So when I stumbled upon this lovely shop I was instantly in love.... ileaiye has some gorgeous hand knit pieces that I am swooning over right now!

We got back early this morning from NYC, we had an absolutely lovely trip to Boston and New York, I did lots of shopping and got super inspired and am ready to work again! Although this week I am extremely busy finishing up my pants so I prolly won't be around to other blogs much... I promise to catch up soon!! Enjoy!!!

Check out more of ileaiye lovely pieces here...


{Guest Post} Have A Beautiful Friday

Hi Sweeties, this is Jemina, I am so honoured to be guest posting for Carissa who is now enjoying her holiday in Boston.

So, today it's Friday (TGIF!), and in preparation for the weekend, I would love you to join me today to enjoy these beautiful images for some inspiration for your upcoming weekend

[ images are from we heart it ]

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do and I wish you a Beautiful Day!


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